Be the location for musicians both young and old to learn, connect, and be creative in a safe, comfortable and positive space.  You don't even have to sign up for lessons; just come and be a part of the music!


Our faculty believes that engaging with the elements of music on a more active  level is not only good for your training as a player, but also as a music appreciator.  Through our workshops, group classes/summer camps, individual instruction and performance programs, we show music from a different perspective that students of any age/skill level can apply to their practice.

Giving Back

"It is easy to make a buck.  It's a lot tougher to make a difference."                 - Tom Brokaw

At each of our performance shows, we partner with a different local non-profit organization to raise awareness and promote the many opportunities that exist in our community.  Some of the groups we've been lucky enough to partner with are: